Fionnuala Conway is a musician, composer, multimedia artist and educator. 

With a background in music and music technology, Fionnuala has worked as composer and performer on a number of theatre productions and is also a composer and singer with Dublin-based vocal ensemble, Silver Kites. An interest in the application of new media and technology to art and performance saw her return to academia and she has produced work in a wide variety of presentations and areas, from traditional materials to digital media, wearable technology to interactive digital media, installations and theatre presentations. Work in wearable technology includes Urban Chameleon, in collaboration with Katherine Moriwaki, and the Reactive Performance Dress designed especially for the musician Miriam Ingram.

Her PhD thesis, Exploring Citizenship through Art and Technology, focuses on the creative use of technology to generate awareness of citizenship (and other social issues), with a particular focus on interactive immersive physical environments. The Art of Decision project shown in May 2005 is a practical manifestation of the theories in Fionnuala's thesis and can be seen in the Art of Decision documentary, produced in 2006. She has since produced if() then() else(), a multimedia production exploring the application of technology to performance and its influence on narrative structure.  Recent work, with Mark Linnane (www.marklinnane.net), includes 'A rainbow in the palm of my hand', featured as part of the Light Rhythms exhibition (February 2014) at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).

She completed a Bachelor of Music at University College, Dublin in 1994, an M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College, Dublin in 1999 and her PhD at Trinity College, Dublin in 2008. She has been lecturing on the M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies course since 2002 and was appointed Course Director of the M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies course in 2006. She currently supervises PhD research in interactive audio, with a particular focus on locative media/mobile phone applications as music and multimedia experiences. She also lectures on the MA in Scoring for Film and Visual Media at Pulse College (in conjunction with DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama), leading the research component of the course.

She has had articles published in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac Special Issue on Augmented reality (Situated Soundscapes: Redefining Media Art and the urban experience (LEA, Volume 18, No. 3)) and 2014, saw the publication of a chapter "Engagement, Immersion and Presence: the role of audio interactivity in location-aware sound design " in the Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio (Oxford University Press).