Urban Chameleon: Exhibit 3

Urban Chameleon, by Fionnuala Conway and Katherine, is a series of 3 wearable computing garments that respond to environmental stimuli (air pollution and noise pollution) and react by changing visually and sonically. It looks at the ability of reactive garments to record, influence and change perceptions of one's surroundings, comprising of three skirts that react to the environment and wearer’s surroundings. The piece was commissioned for Exhibit 3 @ The Digital Hub July 10 - September 30, 2003 Dublin, Ireland and subsequently shown as part of the WIRED NextFest 2005 world fair, Chicago, USA. "Touch" changes visual properties (colour) upon contact. "Speak" reacts to urban noise, and "Breathe" visualizes pollution and urban exhaust as it travels through the garment.

“Touch” has a panel that is created using thermo-chromic colour. When this panel is touched, the paint reacts by changing colour.

touch touch_cu





“Speak” has a microphone embedded in the scarf. The microphone detects changes in noise levels in the environment, and that triggers motors to move in the skirt. The skirt appears to ‘shake’.













“Breathe” has an air quality sensor embedded in the scarf. This sensor detects changes in air quality in the environment. The skirt is comprised of thermochromic panels that change colour based on the air quality changes detected by the sensor. Rivers of colour appear to move through the skirt when the sensor detects a change in air quality.















Documentation: Documentation and photographs of the project can be found at http://www.kakirine.com/chameleon/